Thumbs Up for Homeless People

I was at a homeless shelter sitting by a computer when one of my homeless friends walked up and asked if I wanted to see his photos. He then pulled out a USB thumb drive and plugged it in. My homeless friend was overjoyed showing me his past life and photos of his daughter. That USB thumb drive allowed him to carry lots of great memories around.

When you are living on the streets it's nearly impossible to carry files and paperwork. Many people experiencing homelessness keep their resumes and important documents on USB thumb drives. Something as simple as a flash drive can be a huge help.

This got me thinking; we all have extra USB flash drives not being used. Often they are given to us as swag at conventions. I bet you all have a few lying around. So let's put those old thumb drives we are not using to good use by giving a "thumbs up" to a homeless friend.

Here Is What You Can Do:

*** Please make sure to delete all data off your drives ***

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